Dear Tomorrow

Dear tomorrow,
I pray to you
and it’s my last
Give me a reason
to live or to die. Continue reading “Dear Tomorrow”


Make me Feel alive

 Without you, It’s been years
perhaps months or days,
time abandoned me
the moment you went away. Continue reading “Make me Feel alive”


Angry Mobs

 Looking outside,
I see herds,
and angry mobs,
burning with rage,
so ignorant,
so hungry,
so blind, Continue reading “Angry Mobs”



“See, how easy it is to say yes”, he said,” It’s just 3 letter long”

“No”, made him realize he was wrong.

“Never”, she added with extra effort.


How could a desert celebrate rain?

It looked gay
spreading its arms
to absorb what all there to gain
n then came
the pang of truth
how could a desert celebrate rain? Continue reading “How could a desert celebrate rain?”



She was sitting in front of a mirror, a bride, dressed in a red Saree staring at her wedding ring, not saying a word, just staring at itHer mind was empty, incapable of thinking look and in a state in which you have no sense of time. Incapable of movement she was still staring at the ring. Someone knocked at the door. She didn’t move. The second time the knock was strong enough to break her solitude. She rose to open the door. Continue reading “Mirror.”


A dead song

What is wrong with you ?  with me?
when I saw you at first
I thought you are a song
easy to grasp & remember

but you weren’t, I know
for every time I crammed,
wrote you on my walls
you faded, into a cacophony

As others found harmony
I cried and crammed
I mad searched you
every page every line

But your words were foreign
of people long gone, dead
They left you, a cipher
a proof that dead can kill

I was a God of my world
so perfect, so aloof
Then I found you
like a crack on a glass statue
I saw you grow, slowly
as I shattered.

Here I am, a helpless god 
gathering up my pieces
singing you and asking myself
What is wrong with me? with you?