What all i have – A rhyme.

What all I have,
To start with
have u n only you. Continue reading “What all i have – A rhyme.”


Come to me.

Come to me 

 Let go all the fears
let your heart guide your way
it glows, yes it does!
Just fill it with love
and come to me Continue reading “Come to me.”



Who am I?
A sliver of God.
A tiny part of a bigger whole.
A body, a soul,
a speck of dust floating in the sky,
a piece of art or a roll of dice, Continue reading “Introspection”


How could a desert celebrate rain?

It looked gay
spreading its arms
to absorb what all there to gain
n then came
the pang of truth
how could a desert celebrate rain? Continue reading “How could a desert celebrate rain?”



She was sitting in front of a mirror, a bride, dressed in a red Saree staring at her wedding ring, not saying a word, just staring at itHer mind was empty, incapable of thinking look and in a state in which you have no sense of time. Incapable of movement she was still staring at the ring. Someone knocked at the door. She didn’t move. The second time the knock was strong enough to break her solitude. She rose to open the door. Continue reading “Mirror.”


Ocean – The lover of the Moon

A lover, I am
 lover of the moon
and like others in love
I feel pain, agony n disdain

Every day he calls me
and I reach for him
with every wave, I try
I wet the beaches, my eyes
with every crashing wave
I hum, I sing I cry Continue reading “Ocean – The lover of the Moon”