For years now,
sent you postcards.
if not you,
Your postman is in love.


A death wish

Why is important to have a death wish?  Imagine you along with two other friends are surrounded by a group of bandits and their leader is a funny little man named Bujo, believe me when I say it you’ll gain nothing but a painful death by asking him,’How you got that name?’. He has taken away all your belonging, even stripped you of that Giorgio Armani Masterpiece. Continue reading “A death wish”

Buried dreams

A desert it was,
where I buried my dreams,
some mine some borrowed,
a passerby told me,
it’s now a forest.


Pen, Paperweight and me.

‘I’ll create an ocean,
one out of my words.’
I told the paperweight
it quoth,’Then what,
Your people, illiterate,
They can’t sail,
Pages, inked or blank,
it’s all the same.’
. Continue reading “Pen, Paperweight and me.”


Morning dreams

like a morning dream,
when we met,
shared our silence,
reminding me,
Sunlight can’t be grasped,
feel it with open hands,
breath can’t be held forever,
Love isn’t plucking a flower,
planting them is.



Dear Tomorrow

Dear tomorrow,
I pray to you
and it’s my last
Give me a reason
to live or to die. Continue reading “Dear Tomorrow”


I will rain

When I joined the fight,
I knew my fate,
certain death,
and I will die,
fall on you,
merely a drop,
On your throne,
made of stone,
will do no harm,
years later, Continue reading “I will rain”


When Guns Argue

Let’s wage a war,
let’s find them,
fight them,
kill them,
one by one,
inch by inch,
thought by thought.
. Continue reading “When Guns Argue”


Death, A forest.

Death isn’t final,
a sliver of you lives,
In the music of a flute
a dead forest lives.


Picture of the Day.

Poor beggar, he was so thirsty and someone offered him water. Thinking that humanity is still alive he made a cup out of his hands.

It tasted like nectar. “The shot is perfect.”, They left him, thinking what had just happened, yearning for more water.

Now he knew and he smiled. After all, it was his first photograph.