When Guns Argue

Let’s wage a war,
let’s find them,
fight them,
kill them,
one by one,
inch by inch,
thought by thought.
For what’s dead,
never reasons,
never complains,
never argues,
never fights back,
When guns argue,
Humanity listens,
bleeds but listens.
Let’s kill them all,
collect their skulls,
make a pile,
high enough,
for generations to see.
Let’s tell our children,
tales of our glory,
a proud race,
never defeated,
who never bent a knee,
either in a battlefield,
or to help the wounded,
dying friends.
Let’s glorify our dead,
and forget others,
let’s take pride,
in wars, we never fought,
people we never knew.
Let’s wipe out their truth,
write a new one,
in their blood,
our truth,
the one we like the most.


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