Angry Mobs

 Looking outside,
I see herds,
and angry mobs,
burning with rage,
so ignorant,
so hungry,
so blind,
searching for a leader,
awaiting orders,
seeking vengeance
for people unknown.
I see them marching,
roaring with anger,
killing everyone,
sometimes for almighty,
sometimes for the nation,
perhaps just for killing.
Ignoring the victims,
they march,
firing bullets,
Slaughtering more.
What defines endless?
The torment they unleash,
the fear they aspire,
flowing tears,
broken dreams,
the bullets,
the dead,
the wounded,
or their blood thirst.
Destruction followed,
people lay dead,
somewhere was their god,
begging for help,
tired but angry,
they still marched,
till nothing left protected,
nothing left to protect.
To them I say,
Run away,
find a hideout
don’t search for him
for I say it aloud
your god is dead.
and you unprotected,
a bullet knows your name,
death sees you,
your kills await you.


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