How to Focus? Or How not to Focus?

“When growing up everyone of us have been told to concentrate while no one has ever been formaly tought how to do it.”

– A friend of mine told me once but i’m pretty sure it’s not his original.

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On Punjab Elections – Congress’ Election Campaign.

Congress won the Punjab Assembly elections against all the odds, it’s known. Captain Amrinder Singh did a splendid job in uniting the party, threatening the High command with his resignation was courageous and much needed for the party. In the end, the people of Punjab gave him a birthday gift in the form of clear majority.  To my astonishment, Congress managed 77 seats out of 117 and left AAP in a SAD mood and with this win Captain proved his worth in his last elections. Continue reading “On Punjab Elections – Congress’ Election Campaign.”

Heer, Udham and Punjab.

1940 Caxton Hall, A middle aged man killed Sir Michael O’Dwyer former LG of Punjab. His name was Udham Singh. To his people, he was a shaheed, Martyr. Whether or not he was right in his doings that is a debatable issue but since no side has significant power and control over the other it’s easy to take sides now. Both sides had their views, different and it’s not a surprise. The first hold the second responsible for 1919 massacre at Continue reading “Heer, Udham and Punjab.”