He was but a boy of thirteen, with shiny eyes full of dreams.
The same beautiful eyes saw his father die.
They were still the same, as beautiful as ever,
but their owner changed, aged years in no time.
With or without the dreams eyes shinned the same.

You don’t age in numbers or year.
You do age 
in scars, tragedies, and experience. 


Soldier’s fear.

I do not fear death, at the same time I cherish my life.
The mere reason that I cherish my life, and of those around me, takes away the fear of death.
I do not care how ferocious is the demon that I fight.
As long as he is a demon I will fight.
The worst of my fears is fighting a man, normally living earth dwelling man.
I fear the voice which tells me that the demon whom I fight is, in fact, a man,
that he also has someone to protect.
That he also is comfortable fighting demons.
That he also demonizes me.
That he also fears to face a man.
That he also is just like me.
That killing him is just a suicide.

I feel alive

I feel alive when death offers her hand, a dive into the void.
I feel alive while clenching my fist it sweats on the insides.
I feel alive when my truths find some concerned yet fearful lips.
I feel alive when a rifle butt stamps ‘traitor’ on my back.
I feel alive because no-one suppresses the dead.
I feel alive when I see my blood fights the grayness of soil.
I feel alive because one-day every tree will grow read leaves.


How to Focus? Or How not to Focus?

“When growing up everyone of us have been told to concentrate while no one has ever been formaly tought how to do it.”

– A friend of mine told me once but i’m pretty sure it’s not his original.

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Much before.

Much before we spoke,
trees talked with winds.
Dried leaves fell on roads,
stepped upon, they talk,
Was it always a monolog?
Much before the Clocks,
time wheeled the same,
it saw, felt, remembered,
and webbed an endless yarn.
Did time imagine reality?
Are we a fairy tale?
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At times

So close
buried into my chest
yet so distant.
Waging a war,
against me,
for me.
There is no me,
not within me,
in you there is.
In me,
it’s all you.


Buried dreams

A desert it was,
where I buried my dreams,
some mine some borrowed,
a passerby told me,
it’s now a forest.


Dear Tomorrow

Dear tomorrow,
I pray to you
and it’s my last
Give me a reason
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I will rain

When I joined the fight,
I knew my fate,
certain death,
and I will die,
fall on you,
merely a drop,
On your throne,
made of stone,
will do no harm,
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When Guns Argue

Let’s wage a war,
let’s find them,
fight them,
kill them,
one by one,
inch by inch,
thought by thought.
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