How could a desert celebrate rain?

It looked gay
spreading its arms
to absorb what all there to gain
n then came
the pang of truth
how could a desert celebrate rain?

 In ages of yearning
to wet itself, to revive
to quench the ancient thirst
to birth life, to be green again.

It did rain
a million times
but nothing has ever changed.
it sang songs of hope
till the last drop dried or drained.

the hard way
it learned not to hope
higher it was bigger the pain.
It always came
a burst of feeling
but cling to it, drives you insane.
Starving is so easy
it burns you but slowly
and time heals, makes it go wane.

/* Next stanza contributed by Vipasha Mittal*/

A timid voice then spoke to her innocently,
The acacia looking down from above
If it hadn’t been for you,
I would have been long dead.
You are the spring to my autumn.
The desert sobbed a tear.
The water was always there
Just not in a form it thought.


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