He was but a boy of thirteen, with shiny eyes full of dreams.
The same beautiful eyes saw his father die.
They were still the same, as beautiful as ever,
but their owner changed, aged years in no time.
With or without the dreams eyes shinned the same.

You don’t age in numbers or year.
You do age 
in scars, tragedies, and experience. 


Soldier’s fear.

I do not fear death, at the same time I cherish my life.
The mere reason that I cherish my life, and of those around me, takes away the fear of death.
I do not care how ferocious is the demon that I fight.
As long as he is a demon I will fight.
The worst of my fears is fighting a man, normally living earth dwelling man.
I fear the voice which tells me that the demon whom I fight is, in fact, a man,
that he also has someone to protect.
That he also is comfortable fighting demons.
That he also demonizes me.
That he also fears to face a man.
That he also is just like me.
That killing him is just a suicide.


I feel your presence
like sharks feel blood,
a drop in a pond.
Blood or lust.
wanna bite you down.
there more to it,
the madness,
once your are marked
there’s no escape. Continue reading “Sharks.”


Death, A forest.

Death isn’t final,
a sliver of you lives,
In the music of a flute
a dead forest lives.


Freedom (My 23_March Post)

Burn me,
Burn everything I own,
Burn away my writings,
every paper,
Inked or blank,
I know it will burn bright.
Burn my name, Continue reading “Freedom (My 23_March Post)”


Freedom (Poultry Farms)

Caged since birth,
he yearned for the outer world. Continue reading “Freedom (Poultry Farms)”


A single bullet is fired

A single bullet is fired,
died a man,
a husband,
a father,
a son,
A family,



Death was nowhere near them.
He was so loved.
Everyone wanted to die for him.

When facing death he was alone
and they were nowhere to be seen.