On Punjab Elections – Congress’ Election Campaign.

Congress won the Punjab Assembly elections against all the odds, it’s known. Captain Amrinder Singh did a splendid job in uniting the party, threatening the High command with his resignation was courageous and much needed for the party. In the end, the people of Punjab gave him a birthday gift in the form of clear majority.  To my astonishment, Congress managed 77 seats out of 117 and left AAP in a SAD mood and with this win Captain proved his worth in his last elections.

About the Campaign- Agenda. 
The Election campaign was built around the issue of drugs and farmer Debts. Captain was himself was seen taking an oath to resolve the issue within 4 months of his rule. The promise to farmers was that all their debts will be dissolved as an immediate action, which considering the financial condition of Punjab Government and the gigantic magnitude of farmer debts seems far fetched.  Anyway, The poorly educated, mostly, Farmers abandoned their reasoning to the glimmer of hope they saw and Congress cashed farmer votes.

The Execution.
I used to think that people of Punjab can only be fooled in the name of religion but the way things unfolded changed my views about people of Punjab. Prashant Kishor proved his worth campaigning for congress. They way everything was done was so peculiar that ‘We only listen to blue turbans’ felt the power of ‘Suit up men’. It worked this way

  • People were asked to fill forms in which they have to submit the details of their debts and any kind of financial problem they have.
  • Congress volunteers went door to door with these forms spreading misinformation that every loan people have on them will be cleared. 
  • Some people even received calls as feedback.
  • Smartphones were promised to youngsters and forms were floated for the same.

All this was carried out in such a way that everything seemed so official so true that people even let go their loan installments.  This series of events highlighted that fact that How easy it is to fool people lacking basic education.  It’s very easily deducible that debts will not be cleared. It is non-realistic, but I still hope that Congress succeeds in offering what they have promised, and a rational part of me is sad for the people Punjab, Not that I am saying other parties can govern better I just condemn them playing with the feelings of people and trading them false hopes.   


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