Heer, Udham and Punjab.

1940 Caxton Hall, A middle aged man killed Sir Michael O’Dwyer former LG of Punjab. His name was Udham Singh. To his people, he was a shaheed, Martyr. Whether or not he was right in his doings that is a debatable issue but since no side has significant power and control over the other it’s easy to take sides now. Both sides had their views, different and it’s not a surprise. The first hold the second responsible for 1919 massacre at Jalianwala Bagh. Ironically both happened on the same day, 13th. The second if not anything else had the right to live, a right to his life. The way the assassination was planned was peculiar. It took more than a gun and few bullets to kill the man.  Udham patiently waited for more than a decade. On the day of the assassination, he took a book made a pistol sized shell inside it and the rest is known. The book was Heer written by Waris Shah.

             A sane man would surely ask what is it that I am trying to imply?  that a book can kill a man and when it comes to killing any book of the same size could have done the job. Well, the relation between this assassination and this book big enough to put a pistol was a little more than what it seems. If Heer is a culprit then it’s not the only one. Man ever since *he is introduced to books has used a lot of them to *his favors, killing too. Heer is not an efficient tool either. There are books which are way more effective than this miserable love storyThere are people who hold certain books sacred, Weather or not they reed those books or subscribe to the ideas written inside is up to them, and kill for the sake of those books and there are those who guide these people for a purpose using these books.

             Heer an epic written by Waris Shah. (wiki for whens and Whats). It’s protagonist is a woman with the same name. Her parents discovered that she loved a guy named Ranjha and married her to someone else. She lived that life for a while and met her lover once again. They ran away to Heer’s home and no wonder got killed without getting married. It may seem but i am not intending to get the reader subscribe to the idea that Love renders people irrational.
Heer underlines a peculiar human trait, She rebels. Humans, They can be cowed for everyone has a weakness but only to a certain limit, if you cross that limit they rebel. If not for anything else I bow to the author for gathering enough courage to rebel against the norms of that time. In a times when Women were supposed to obey the will of their Khasam, Husband, one can assume that the poet must have received a fair share of friction.

             One may ask now that now that the people of Punjab have started to appreciate Heer, It has survived for a long time now, are the women of Punjab given the rights the deserve? The truth is harsh. They love to read Heer. After all it’s our heritage but they still condemn Heers, the women with rebellious nature. Girls in Punjab don’t love. They are supposed to marry at their parents will. Sometimes i ask why doesn’t the other gender rebel? Shouldn’t they? They know they are being sold like livestock. There’s a name given to the price which is needed to be paid, we call it Dowry.
All this highlist, somehow, yet another characterstic of people. They are hippocrites. Every youngster is a Ranjha, a lover, to some extent or aspires to be one. As the life proceeds he gradually becomes Kaido’n, Heer’s uncle and the man who killed the coupleMay be it’s the way  it is, perhaps the young kid writing this article will sell his son or himself for a fair price or try to marry his daughter to a place where he seems fit. Time will see to it but this writer promises his daughter that he’ll never force her to let go her dreams of University Education, becoming a Doctor, Lawyer, Waiter or a Space Plumber to marry a lunatic with a bright future. 

          There were people, Chail – the walkerswho believe that everyone who lives is like a person with a broken limb. Time the god give a stick to him the day *he was born and it shortens with time. A man lives as long as the one with a broken leg has a stick long enough to walk. Here is a thing about rebellious people, they takes the stick use it on Time. They may live or die but they leave a long lasting scar on the face of time.  In their own ways Waris, Heer, O’Dwyer and Udham were one of those people. People will agree or disagree to them but they will be remembered for a long time.

*still searching for a gender neutral pronoun, ou isn’t good enough.


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