A Horrible Dream / The dark room Dilemma.

It all started with a dream, a dream I dreamed two or three days ago. Here it goes.
I was alone in a room, a dark room with no hint of light. For all I know, I was just sitting in there hopeless.I found myself in a position where I was unable to speak anything, I tried speaking and it didn’t work. Then came a voice, a deep manly voice kind of which always gains your attention. It saidI am here to ask you some questions. Every time you think the answer is yes raise your hand. Do you hear me?“. I raised my hand for it was the only thing I could do, Whatever it was, it wasn’t interested in me.
The voice asked me a question, an endless array of questions. Questions that I had never expected I will be answering. Those questions made my feel uncomfortable, scared me. It started to tell me stories, Asked me if someone’s life must be spared.For every question it asked, the answer was always yes from my side, Always! The decisions, I was taking, was life-saving or life taking sometimes. After every question, it told me that my opinion matters! I must have raised my hands for first few times, might be for a few hours. Then I began to question myself. For it was in a dark closed room and I was able to see nothing. A moment came, I was still hearing questions but I stopped. No matter what the question was I didn’t raise my hand. Never, why? Because there was no one to see. No One !!!!!  Still, after every question, I was informed that my opinion matters. After a flash, I found myself in front a jury. I was convicted of a murder, in short for not raising my hand and I wake up. I was scared to hell I must say.

The Dark Room Dilemma.  there’s a dilemma here. A simple question, whether or not you will raise your hand in such situation.  When you know that your opinion doesn’t matter, will you still make an effort? 


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