In the Midst of a battle ~ Kelsier

I saw weakness.
A feeble hero,
his fragile dreams.
With every blow,
he fell, tasted dirt,
befriended death.
With every blow,
I prayed for a God,
an anchor for life,
a foothold for ambition,
aย bunker for dreams.
‘But why?’
quoth the stranger,
calling from insides.
‘Savior, he’s not’
said I, ‘it’s no men’s deed’.
‘Look’, the stranger yelled.
risen again,
he took the blow,
I cried, ‘He is weak,
weak as me’
.Stranger again,
‘smells of death,
it’s you, not he’
I saw his weakness
in me, the fear,
‘he conquered fear,
he is no weak’
The stranger faded
in my sweaty palms
whilst I clenched the fist.
In a daydream,
I saw his fears,
I saw him overcome it.


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