A death wish

Why is important to have a death wish?  Imagine you along with two other friends are surrounded by a group of bandits and their leader is a funny little man named Bujo, believe me when I say it you’ll gain nothing but a painful death by asking him,’How you got that name?’. He has taken away all your belonging, even stripped you of that Giorgio Armani Masterpiece.

Now, what will a reasonable bandit do? Since he already got what he wanted he should leave you in the middle of nowhere without any bloodshed. Wait !!! there is a problem. A rather small one, Have you ever heard of a reasonable man with a short stature ended up being a bandit?, Not stereotyping but his name is Bujo, No, I would say if you let me answer on your behalf.

Now Bujo asked his fellow named Besol, keep in mind we are dealing with unreasonable bandits here, to decide your fate. Meanwhile, a friend yours couldn’t control his urge and asked Besol about the origin of his name. Want to guess his fate? he has two holes in his head now, a smaller one in the middle of his forehead and a bigger and much uglier one in the rear. Well don’t mind him you have got some pressing concerns here. First of all, your own life is at stake and secondly, he was your boss, Real sucker eh, so in case you are able to make it alive through this your life will be much easier than it ever was.

Wait !! Don’t get carried away. Remember whom you are dealing with, Besol, potentially a madman and everyone fears the unpredictable. Now Besol asked both to tell him your deathwish. He said that he will spare the one whose dead wish appeals to him.
Now a little Background check on your partner. He is a colleague and the best candidate for the seat your boss just left vacant. You, unfortunately, are the next to best thingy. All you need is some creativity and Besol’s permission to claim that cake with three cherries at the top of it.   

Cliffhanger 😛 – Comment with your deathwish and see if you get a bullet in your head or an unexpected promotion.

Speaking about Deathwish, To start with I wish to live long enough very much like Tyrion Lannister and die of old age. If God is reading it, (If it exists) please don’t make it a road accident. Talking about probability I still have like 49~55 years of life ahead of me. Provided that it is very highly unlikely that I will die soon still I was thinking about my last wish.

My Deathwish 
Mine is a rather simple one. I wanted my body not to be burned as practiced in the faith I am born in, instead, it should be buried into the ground, deep enough to ensure no dog is making a mess out of it, with a tree planted on the top of it. Which will ensure that what all I  got(and retained) from mother earth over the years.

Clearly, I won’t survive the encounter with Mr. Besol and Mr. Bujo. 
If God exists and if he is reading my  (If it exists) statement I guess soon you will see a huge tree planted in the middle of my hometown with my name on it. 


3 thoughts on “A death wish

  1. I’m going to lose this one. I just want it quick and painless…I wish I could say something like “death by ants” but that sounds so morbid that I cringe at the thought…

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