I am a father,
a sculpture awaiting justice
grieving my daughter
she is dead, raped
never coming back

A fighter she was,
cheerful and alive
glowing with life
dreaming with open eyes
In my dreams I still see her
fighting them demons
I see thirsty eyes
I see scared oceans
them biting her
tearing her apart
drinking her life away
quenching the endless thirst
I see her fighting
throwing them away

I see her
on her death bed
screaming for help
begging for mercy
tears flowing down
with every breath,
she died, awoke
and befriended death

Then came the mortal blow
death, like her final break
and they hugged
like we used to,
after her school.

For that moment
those demons weren’t scary
death wasn’t bad
her eyes weren’t dreaming
it hit her head
felt like my hand
messing up her hair
she welcomed it
and her eyes closed

My daughter
she is dead, forever
never coming back
her dreams died with her
and everything she had
is dead, lost or gone

What’s left of her,
a few photographs
two stained medals
a court case and a file
an endless pang
her demons, they lived.


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