Ocean – The lover of the Moon

A lover, I am
 lover of the moon
and like others in love
I feel pain, agony n disdain

Every day he calls me
and I reach for him
with every wave, I try
I wet the beaches, my eyes
with every crashing wave
I hum, I sing I cry

At times I wanted to quit
to refuse to rise
just sit back in quiet
but he calls every day
his face never turning away
in shame, I rise and cry

Every time I ask the sun
it burns me up
I fly, I rain and cry
together they pull me
I feel the strength
I rise high, fall and cry

I birthed the life
inside me, they crawled
left me, walked and flew
they went to the moon
and left for him
a part of me, a token of love
a lover’s kiss


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